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Nu in een set met de Hyperlite team x bindingen voor €679,- Ook eventueel in combinatie met de Hyperlite codyak bindingen maat 44.5 voor een setprijs van €719,-


  • TPU Graphic Top Sheet
  • Magic Carpet Top Glass
  • Vertical Wood Spine
  • Speedwall
  • Monocoque
  • M6 Inserts
  • Horizontal Outer Wood
  • Magic Carpet Base Glass
  • Sintered Base Sheet
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A series for a rider that wants the best of both extra snap and feel in their park board. We took the general design aspects of our popular Top Notch Pro series and added a first in cable boards – a spine. Typically, we will put vertical wood in specific pockets for strength, then have horizontal wood in other areas for added feel and more exaggerated presses. We developed a new spine where the strength runs the way a stringer does on a surfer, from tip to tail, then leaves the majority of the outer surface area with a much softer horizontal wood. With the Atmos you have a pivot point running the length of the board, not just in certain pockets, allowing most of the board to comply from side to side. We are proud to work with Ryan and Liam Peacock on a construction that will melt on rails in a way you have never experienced all without scarifying the durability to take on anything in its path. Bigger ollies, easier transfers, and our most conforming side to side flex – the Atmos.




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